Top 10 useful applications for students

Yes yes yes, we are a little geek at Les Sherpas, so we like to test a maximum of mobile apps to increase our productivity, live better, memorize faster etc.

So, we thought we were going to present you a little overview of the applications that we find really very useful for students.

Summary :

The Be Focus app to apply the Pomodoro Method

We will start our little track record with applications that allow us to be more productive, in other words to do more work in a time. The first of this record is Be Focused. What is this app ? It is actually based on the Pomodoro method. The Pomodoro method, as you know, is when you are going to do a 25-minute exercise session, then a 5-minute break. Then you go back with 20 minutes of effort, 5 minutes break and so on, until you have 4 work sessions.

Behind, it allows you to have the long break of 15 minutes and above all, the big advantage is that it helps you to focus. When you work with Be Focused, that’s exactly it. That is to say that basically, you will define in your application your work interval, you define how long you will actually take a break on your session. And then behind, you just have to move around the app to start the work session. In which case, you will see that you should not be distracted at all from your session.

It really allows you to be efficient and have very focused sessions.

Best application: Forest to stop deconcentrating

And in the same genre, you also have the Forest application. It’s kind of funny. You plant a seed in your application which will give you a tree if you stay focused for the duration of the session. Imagine that you have a session of 30, 40, 60, 90 minutes. You plant your seed and if you ever leave the mobile app, you go to Facebook, etc.

Basically, your tree dies … so it really makes you stay super focused. Don’t go on your cell phone with distractions you used to do. Tik Tok or Instagram style.

The Brain to listen to smart music that helps you focus

We also wanted to talk to you in this productivity top. As you know, music, when you work, it can be cool because it gives you a rhythm, it motivates you. And it’s true that it’s nice to work. The thing is, if you are ever in a material where you are struggling or if it is a little difficult and you start to put on music that you understand well that they are in French and which, finally, will make you want to move.

Very often, it has a somewhat deleterious and negative effect of the style: Hakuna Matata. Or that…, it’s a little intelligent radio that allows you to define a mood in which you want to place yourself according, finally, to this state of mind in which you want to be: very focused VS Relax VS Want to meditate. You will be able to have music that allows you to put yourself in this state of concentration. OK, so let’s imagine that there, you want to work for 90 minutes. You choose focus. You put yourself 90 minutes and then you choose Deep Work.

And at that time, in fact, they will broadcast this famous radio station that really allows you to focus on the back burners. The embarrassment of choice.

A new tip on our best mobile applications: save your lessons via Just Press Record

The second part of this video on the best mobile applications: we wanted to talk to you about the resumption of your lessons and these famous revision sheets. As you know, sometimes in class, you are in a mess, you can not finally listen to what the teacher is telling you, whether in amphitheater or in classroom. And you end up at home, you have big whites in your lesson and so there, the solution is just a record press !

What is this app? It’s just a dictaphone that you have directly on your cell phone. It’s super useful because there, as you can see, you throw and it finally records, via the microphone of your smartphone, directly everything that is saying your teacher. And like that when you come home and have this portion of lesson that is white because you don’t have time to listen, because you were chatting with one of your friends, well there, you resume the course and you can listen to it directly.

And behind, the thing that is really super cool is that when you go in a browse, you see that as is the case here, you have everything I could say during the session directly. The big advantage with this application is precisely the fact that it transcribes in writing what the teacher said to the oral. Besides, finally, being able to repeat what he said and listen to it. You also have all the written transcription that really allows you, you see having all of your lessons and being able to copy stick within your different sessions, etc.

Apply the Cornell Method with Microsoft Word

Anyway, you pretty much see the idea. Good the second application I wanted to tell you about for your revision sheets. It’s Microsoft Word, it’s not really an application, it’s software, but it comes back a bit to the same and above all, it allows you to apply what’s called the Cornell method. Basically, it’s that on the left, you have your course with all the notes learned during the lessons and on the right via the comments functionality of Microsoft Word.

You have your review sheet and it has the big advantage of being able to revise hyper quickly via your review sheet, but above all of being able to watch the course if you ever have a hole and you remember more and more from a super important point . If you still don’t see how we do this kind of cards, I advise you to watch our video on the note taking that you will find right here. We are now moving on to mobile applications that will promote and facilitate your memorization.

In the best mobile applications, think of the flashcard apps ⁇

The first one we think about and talk about often is Anki or Quizlet. These are actually flash card applications that ultimately memorize a lot more and in the best way. You will fill in the different vocabulary words you have to learn. And the smart app will bring out the cards for you to memorize them. As you go, you have the card coming. You actually look if the word, you know it.

Pocket quid to record your lessons

If yes, you answer yes. Otherwise, you answer no. And then, according to your answers. The app will bring you out so you can remember it all the time. Another very useful application in the daily life of the students is Pocket. Basically, it just allows, as you can see here. When you see a little article on the Internet or on a point of course that is super important and that you want to remember, well you will click here.

It actually records in the mobile app and you see that now, when you go to the Pocket app, it appeared directly here. The advantage is that ultimately, instead of always having to read in an unorganized way the lesson points or exos that you wanted to record, there, you actually list all the information you needed. And then, you’re going to go look at the right time. So our fourth point in applications that are very useful for students is planning because being organized when you are a student

Use your calendar well for your schedule

it’s super useful, it finally allows you to juggle your schedule better, spend more time with your friends and work a little less. So at this level, the first one I wanted to talk to you about is the famous calendar. Imagine that you know that in planning, you always have Tuesday and Thursday when you do a sports activity. In which case, you will be able to organize yourself by putting all this in your schedule. You also have everything that is to do-list system.

Make your to-do lists in the Bear application

It’s true that in your student daily life, you often have things to do for the next day or in the week. For that, I use a lot Bear. What’s this? It’s just a lambda note-taking application that allows you to do these little to do list as you can see here and where you will finally be able to get in the different things you have to do in your personal life or in your life student. It’s super simple to use.

You see that you can easily add new notes. You can make titles, you can put hashtags to reorganize the note systems according to the different tags and that allows you to have a note-taking system that is super simple, super easy, and have your to-do lists on the different things in your life.

End of the top of the best mobile apps with Habitify and the creation of habits

Finally, I wanted to tell you about Habitify. It’s not really planning, but it’s more like creating habits.

Why it’s super practical? Because, as you can see here, basically, you can create habits to try to keep them long term. We know that this is really what is difficult. It’s to hold on for the first 30 days when you’re trying to get up an hour earlier or trying to play sports every day. So that’s a big advantage with this app, it’s that it sends you notifications to push you to do the task you imagined.

So imagine that you want to start running. You choose to run. You say you want to run, for example Sunday, Wednesday, then Saturday. And then behind, you put what time it will start, when, etc. Etc. And when are the reminders going to be. And like that, every time, you will have a notification system and it will really help you to put in place habits that work and that improve your life, to feel better about yourself, better in your sneakers and also just to work, for example.

You could also put yourself. Voila, I want to work every day. I create my habit from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. I know I’m going to read a book for example.

Okay, we stop there for today to avoid video. We hope it rained and we will give you a second episode to present to you the continuation of these applications that we find really cool for a student.

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