Top 10 of the best Mac OS applications

Mac OS is the operating system used on all Apple computers. It does not automatically support software originally intended for Windows and vice versa. This is why you may never have heard of, for example, certain software for Mac OS if you are rather used to Windows. So, if you are a new macOS user, here is a list of the top 10 Mac OS software that you may need. For those who have not yet been convinced, we offer you a small list of the benefits you enjoy if you use a Mac.

Why choose macOS rather than Windows ?

Each has its tastes and both are completely credible as an operating system. However, we will list some notable advantages of macOS compared to Windows:

  • macOS is developed by Apple and thus makes the whole more reliable. For its part, Microsoft no longer produces machines, but is content to develop its software.
  • There are fewer viruses on a Mac. Strangely, virus programmers attack Macs less than computers running Windows.
  • A Mac is easier to use, more beautiful and more ergonomic.
  • Windows can be installed on a Mac device when it is difficult to install Mac OS on a Windows PC.

Note that for current macOS versions, several utility software is preinstalled. We can notably cite:

  • Office software, like Pages which is a word processor, Numbers which is a spreadsheet and Keynote, the equivalent on macOS of PowerPoint. Note that these three software packages open files from Microsoft Office, in this case the .docx, .xlsx, .pptx files and their equivalents.
  • Media composition utilities, such as iPhoto which is a photo management, filing and editing utility, iMovie which is video editing software and Garage Band which is audio recording and composition software.
  • Safari, a navigator.
  • QuickTime, video reading and screencast software.
  • Time Machine, a backup utility.
  • A disc management utility that allows formatting, partitioning, burning DVDs, etc.
  • Expose, a window management utility and virtual offices
  • iCloud, synchronization software that allows you to connect all of your Apple devices, such as iMacs, iPhones and iPads, as well as Cloud.

Top 10 essential software on macOS

Among our top 10, you will find the essential applications and software to install on your Mac and which are not preinstalled, like iMovie, for example.

# 1 – Microsoft Edge

Safari is preinstalled on Mac OS, but Microsoft Edge remains the best, especially since it adopted Chromium, the powerful open source engine developed by Google. Chromium is now used by the largest browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. Microsoft adopted it in Edge, but also brought other functionality to its software to get ahead of its main competitors. Note that Edge is presented by Microsoft not as an improvement on Internet Explorer, but as a new browser, developed from scratch. For Microsoft, this is the way to erase the failure of the IE and prevent its shadow from hovering over Edge. In addition, this software is free.

# 2 – VLC

VLC is a universal music player, light, easy to use and free. Compared to QuickTime which is preinstalled on your Mac OS, VLC offers several advantages. Among them, there are access to a multitude of video formats, including formats abandoned by most video players, like Matroska or AMV. Note that the installation of a codec is necessary to allow a standard reader to access different formats, which is not necessary if you install VLC. This software is also very light when used. He asks for very little memory and remains very discreet.

# 3 – Parallels Desktop

You have opted for a Mac, but you regret some Windows software that you were used to ? Don’t worry, the solution is very simple: install Parallels desktop. This software allows you to achieve what is called virtualization. You can have a Windows desk that runs on your Mac OS, without preventing you from accessing your other launched or macOS applications. Parallels desktop can even support OpenGL, a graphic library essential for the launch of most of the current games, unavailable on certain other virtualization software. Parallels desktop 13, the current version, is available at 8 euros.

# 4 – Netshade

Nowadays, with all the risks linked to security, it is better to surf anonymously on the web. Personal data and banking transactions are particularly targeted by hackers. Netshade, a powerful VPN available only on Mac OS and other Apple devices, allows you to get your data out of the malicious hands. A VPN is a tool that allows you to secure your computer, your data and your internet browsing. It prevents, for example, that your personal data does not pass through an intermediate proxy server and thus makes it inaccessible for malicious people. Depending on the choice of functionality, Netshade costs between 2 and 5 dollars a month.

# 5 – Window Magnet

Window Magnet is one of those software that you may find to be of little use, but ultimately saves you a lot of time. With this software, you can take care of the arrangement of the windows with which you work so that you can monitor and access them faster. You can, for example, resize and move them within four-quarters of your screen. You can go from full screen to reduced window without touching the famous Zoom button from Mac OS. You can add items to the menu bar and access them faster. Window Magnet also manages external screens. The price generally varies from 4 to 5 euros, depending on the distributor.

# 6 – Fantastical

This little utility is essential to you if you want to manage your time effectively. Fantastical integrates several standard functionalities for this kind of software, but also other new functionalities such as real-time weather data, coming from the AccuWeather site. The software also combines with other utilities such as iCloud, Google Calendar and Tasks, Exchange, Todoist, etc. It is also synchronized with several Apple devices if you have them. In addition, thanks to a Flexibits account, the user can associate other people with their own calendar. Fantastical 3, the current version, is available at $ 4.99 per month or $ 39.99 per year.

# 7 – Onyx

You don’t know much about hardware management and the management of your operating system ? Let Onyx do it. This multifunctional utility allows you to monitor and repair your computer effectively during wear problems and common errors. It allows, for example, to regularly clean your operating system, to activate and deactivate certain functionalities that you consider unnecessary, to access hidden parameters of macOS and certain installed applications such as Safari or Finder. In addition, Onyx is completely free and in French.

# 8 – Avira Antivirus

Despite the fact that viruses are not very present on Apple devices, you must always protect yourself. At least you can prevent viruses from passing through your computer and infecting those of your friends. But, in addition, your Mac OS is safe from viruses, but not malwares that can hack your data. This is why complete antiviruses like Avira can be used for you. However, Avira is the best antivirus today ? This is a long debate that never ends and whose response changes regularly. However, we offer Avira because it often ends up very high in the ranking of the best. You can also opt for others like AVG, Bitdefender, Norton, McAfee, Sophos, etc. Avira is also available from $ 35.99 a year. However, a free, incomplete, but satisfactory version for a minimum of protection also exists.

# 9 – Winrar

Winrar is one of the best compression software today. It is also one of the most popular since it is very easy to use and it supports many formats. In addition to the .rar, Winrar manages many formats including the .zip, the .7zip, the .tar, the .tgz, etc. Note that the .rar format is not supported by the Windows WinZip, which made it almost essential for everyone due to the popularity of .rar. Currently, the software costs 25.95 euros on its official website.

# 10 – Handbrake

To avoid problems with the formats of your videos, you need this coding utility. Handbrake supports many formats. This software allows you to quickly encode your DVDs and transform them into a single MP4 or AVI file. It also allows you to manage soundtracks during encoding, in case the video has several. In addition, Handbrake is completely free.

In which case to favor an industrial PC rather than a Mac ?

Macintosh operating under the Mac OS operating system are renowned for their performance, practicality and impeccable design. Despite this, their conditions of use remain limited. You cannot, for example, use them in any work environment. Hence the interest of acquiring an industrial PC. The latter can still operate, despite prolonged exposure to high temperature, dust, shock, vibration and humidity.

If you have set your choice for this type of equipment, you may wonder how to choose a professional computer. So, to do this, here are the essential points to remember:

  • Its resistance to different types of attack: some industrial PCs are able to operate even if the temperatures reach 85 ° C and even if they are used in an overly humid environment;
  • Its technical characteristics: it is indeed the screen, the processor, the RAM and the hard drive. For the latter, you have the choice between an HDD and SSD hard drive
  • Its dimensions: today there are compact professional computers usable in reduced spaces;
  • Its shape, which can be a Fanless PC (adapted to dusty environments), a Rack PC (for computer bays), a Shoebox PC (having the particularity of being efficient) or a PC Panel (having the advantage of being ultracompact ).

If you know of other essential applications, please tell us about them in the comments or on Discord.

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