Top 10 applications that simplify life

Nowadays, a phone is a bit of our best friend. We walk the streets in sneakers talking to him or making our fingers piot on his surface at a speed defying the laws of physics. Contact our loved ones, take and then publish our last vacation photos, scroll the pages in search of our next outfit or our next evening, orient themselves: our phone is used for everything. And yet let me tell you that it is still only used at 10% of its potential. For each problem, there is an application and to help you see more clearly, we have developed the Top 10 applications that simplify life and that you should download right away if you haven’t already done so.

1) The application that simplifies life during outings with friends: Tricount

Tricount is the app that allows you to share additions when going out or vacationing with friends. It is also the application that will save your friendships in the face of the danger of shared addition. No more doubts about who-paid-that or who-must-how-to-who. No more endless lists of expenses and calculations to make your math teacher blush, to determine everyone’s contribution to the common pot.

2) The application that simplifies life during travel: CityMapper

CityMapper is a GoogleMaps, much better. If you have to visit a big city, CityMapper will be your main ally. He calculates all the possible routes to get from point A to point B, he informs you in case of transport disruption and he gives you lots of very useful information such as the exit to take on the metro. Bonus: the calculation of the journey time is ultra-precise.

3) The application that simplifies life when you want to save on your meal: Too Good to Go

You need to eat outside but you can’t afford to go to the restaurant downstairs and you don’t want to eat in a fast food restaurant ? Too Good To Go is the ideal solution. It is a platform on which traders with unsold goods offer food at bargain prices. It will do good to your wallet and allow you to fight waste at the same time.

4) The application that simplifies the life of fashionistas: 21buttons

21 buttons is the best friend of fashion addicts. Concretely, it is an interface that looks a lot like that of Instagram, with the difference that you can identify the products you wear. This means that from now on, you will be able to shop for the pieces worn by the gurus of the style to which you subscribe, from their photos. Each identified product allows you to directly access the page of the brand that sells it.

It’s a dream come true !

5) The application that simplifies life to sell clothes: Vinted

If you want to sell clothes to make some money, you can put them up for sale on Vinted. It’s a kind of Leboncoin, dedicated to fashion. You can sell there but also buy there: clothes, shoes and accessories. You can even use the exchange if you have spotted a piece of clothing that you like and its owner is interested in one of yours.

6) The application that simplifies life when you want to progress in a language: Duolingo

This little app is a real language coach. Thanks to playful mini-lessons you can progress easily in the language of your choice every day. You can set goals and follow your progress. In summary, a great way to improve your grades in English or prepare for a trip while having fun.

7) The application that simplifies life when you want to eat more balanced: Foodvisor

Foodvisor is a virtual nutrition coach that allows you to scan your plate for detailed information on the products that compose it and in particular their caloric intake. At the same time, you can also inform your physical activity in the application to determine if the relationship between what you eat and what you spend is balanced.

8) The application that simplifies life for revisions: Ankiapp

To learn the endless vocabulary list that your English teacher gave you for the next check or to revise dates for your history test, Ankiapp will save your life. The concept of this application is very simple but dreadfully effective: it involves entering dates or words on interactive cards which will then scroll randomly until you know them on your fingertips. Try it during your next revisions !

9) The application that simplifies life for photo editing: Snapseed

Any budding photographer must know Snapse: the photo editing software on smartphone. Much more complete than the tools incorporated on Snapchat or Instagram, very simple to use, this application makes it possible to retouch your photos as a pro, before publishing them on social networks. And as a bonus, here is a little guide to use Snapseed.

10) The app that simplifies life to pay and manage your money: Xalys

And of course, we could not conclude this Top 10 applications which simplify life without mentioning Xaalys and this, obviously in a completely impartial manner.

Xaalys is the neo-bank of adolescents. Concretely, this allows minors, from the age of 12, to have their own bank account and their own payment card. Xalys is a 100% mobile bank and the account can be managed directly on the application. To make life easier for adolescents, Xalys offers multiple additional functionalities. Among them are, among others: a “Cagnottes” functionality for common gifts, instant transfers between application users and a “Savings” functionality to put money aside easily. And finally, Xalys also offers educational games that allow you to learn a lot about the world of banking and finance while playing.

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